Here’s everything to know about new rules for Passport Application

The Government of India has relaxed the rules for applying for passports.

Here is what the new rules state-

  • Sadhus and sanyasis can get passports, by filling the passport forms by giving names of their spiritual gurus instead of parents, provided these match with those on at least one document such as voter card, PAN card or Aadhar card.
  • As DOB proof, applicants can submit any government document that bears their dates of birth such as school-leaving certificate, driving license, PAN card, Aadhar card, voter card and even a policy bond issued by public life insurance corporations
  • Attestation by magistrate or notary will no longer be necessary. Self declaration on plain paper will do the work.
  • Children of single parents (divorced or separated) people can apply the name of only one parent.
  • Married applicants don’t need to submit a marriage certificate.
  • Adopted children may not submit a registered adoption deed. The applicant may give a declaration confirming the adoption.
  • The number of annexes prescribed in the Passport Rules, 1980, has been trimmed from 15 to nine.
  • Government employees who are not able to get a no-objection certificate from their employer, can get the passport by submitting self-declaration papers.

A Twitter service for quicker resolution of visa and passport queries has also been launched.

Woah! This must be helpful for Indians!

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