This Guy wants to be a House-Husband, His Matrimonial Profile would open your eyes

We came across a question on Quora asking “What was your experience finding a partner on Indian matrimonial sites?“. The most popular answer to this question was posted by a user named Amit. The reason for its popularity can be attributed to the fact that the guy wants to be a House-Husband!!

Yes! House-husband means the homemaker of the household!

In societies including India when you come across a profile of a man on a matrimonial website, you expect it to read that he has a job, earns pretty well and can sustain his family. However, this guy Amit prefers to stay with his wife and in-laws post marriage and is looking for pretty, intelligent woman with a stable, high earning job!

Ironically, these are the things which women on matrimonial websites post about!

However, when a guy like Amit posted his requirements, he received 0 interests/matches during 6 month period!! He’s yet to figure out what is wrong with his profile.

Let’s show you what his detailed requirement is below and you can let us know your thoughts in the comments section:

created a profile on a popular Indian matrimonial website. Without giving details about myself, my profile looked roughly as below.

I am looking to be a house husband (stay-at-home-dad) post marriage. My parents will not be staying with me; in fact, I would prefer to stay with my wife and in laws.

All I am looking for is a pretty, intelligent woman with a stable, high earning job who

  • owns houses, cars better than me/my parents
  • can provide me a lifestyle better than I currently enjoy
  • will take me to multiple foreign vacations every year
  • will give me property rights in her and her ancestors’ property, with no expectation for any rights in my and my ancestors’ property
  • will give me alimony and maintainence rights in case of separation
  • will give me rights to complain against any kind of domestic violence, while giving up her rights for the same
  • will give me child custody rights in case of separation
  • will respect me like a human being, not like a dog as is supposedly common for house husbands

In return, I promise to be a perfect house husband and will take excellent care of her household.

I will also give a lot of gifts (not dowry – I am strictly against it! ) to the woman and her family at time of marriage, as deemed appropriate per customs and current marriage demands. Of course, I expect to receive right amount of jewelries (or any equivalent gift appropriate for men) at the time of marriage.