This Guy Explains 12 Most Interesting Ways To Live CHEAPLY

‘Small things make a different’ – This rule applies to almost every aspect of life! But in this post, we will talk about living cheaply. We would an answer on Quora which states 12 ways to live cheaply.

These are the easiest and most doable things we can implement in our lives, which would save us a good amount of money in the long run. Check them out:

1) Give up Starbucks every morning if that’s your habit.

2) Give up or cut back on McDonald’s and other fast food. In fact, stop eating out ANYWHERE unless it’s a special occasion. (Cook at home for dinner and make breakfast & lunch to work instead.)

3) No gambling! That means no Lotto, no Powerball, no Mega-Millions, & no scratch-off tickets. (That crap adds up! Put the money you WOULD have spent on that stuff in a jar. Seriously.)

4) Give up cigarettes. (Huge money-waster! If you have any doubt, get some paper & a pen. Then figure out how much money you’ve spent on cigarettes over the past 10, 15, 20, or 30 years. Then think what you COULD have done with all that cash instead!)

5) Give up check-cashing places if you use them. (Those fees add up!)

6) Stay away from Payday Loan places and all those other convenient yet very crooked places that offer title loans & other loans.

7) Don’t insist on buying the latest i-phones when they come out! (Do you REALLY need to stand on those long lines just so you can pay an arm & a leg for those over-priced phones?)

8) Consider getting rid of cable. (Explore other cheaper options to watch tv or think about giving up tv altogether, if possible.)

9) Think of a potential side job that won’t interfere with your day job. (It could even be a side job you can do from home.)

10) Buy store-brand items instead of name-brand. (I usually find they’re exactly the same except for the price. The savings will add up.)

11) Give up drinking beer every day if that’s your habit. (Beer may not seem like a big deal but buying it to drink every day or almost every day really adds up fast.)

12) Diligently avoid late charges on bills, rent, and debts. (Paying late charges adds up and it’s like giving your money away.)