Google Pixel Phone at a Discount of Rs 29,000..Here’s How

Now is the perfect time to buy the Google Pixel smartphone. The smartphone is currently available at a discount with offers, which are worth around Rs 29,000. The phone is available at a retail price of Rs 57,000.

Click here for to read full specifications of Google Pixel.

But, how to buy the Google Pixel at a discount of Rs 29,000?

The phone is available on e-commerce website Flipkart for a cashback discount of Rs 9,000. Further, there is also exchange discount worth Rs 20,000 available for those with a spare smartphone. Thus, the total effective discount stands at Rs 29,000. This means if you are buying a 128GB version of the device, the effective price comes down to Rs 37,000, from its original price of Rs 66,000. The offer is only available on Google Pixel and not on the Google Pixel XL.

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