Goa’s famous restaurant Thalassa, now in Mumbai

Thalassa, the wildly popular Greek Goan restaurant has made its way to Carter Road in Khar (W), Mumbai.

Mariketty Grana, the lady behind the Thalassa, which is frequented by people from across the world for its food and breathtaking view, has made her way to Mumbai, after shuttling to and fro between Goa and Mumbai for three years.

Grana says, “It has been 10 years since we opened our doors in Goa; life has come full circle. Nothing makes me happier than watching people connect over good food and wine, and reliving old memories while creating new ones. Prepare to be fed, Mumbai. Mama’s coming to town with her big, bad grill.”

Mariketty Grana, the owner of Thalassa

“I have always wanted to open a restaurant here (Mumbai). I believe a lot of restaurateurs have tried to bring Greek food to the city, but haven’t succeeded. I don’t intend to sound too smart, but since I am from Greece, I will know what is missing,” Grana says.

Thalassa is not just about the view, though, she says. “It is about the food, the entertainment and the vibe. We will recreate all of it here in Mumbai. I hope that is enough.”

Head over to Thalassa on the 21st Road, Next to Café Coffee Day, Hotel Shubhangan, Khar Danda, Khar (W), Mumbai and do not forget to order their signature Greek lamb kebabs.

As the Greek sayings go, “Let Food be Thy Medicine, and Medicine be Thy Food“.

Source: HT

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