Go From Fat to Fit

So girls, as we all know that the wedding season is on and we have a couple of special weddings to attend at any cost. Although those are special, you must be planning to wear your favourite lehenga. But wait, OOPS!! You are not fitting into that, and the wedding is just a month away.

NO WORRIES ladies, this is a special article for you where you can find all the ways to get rid of unnecessary fat in no time.

By these tricks, you will go from Fat to Fit and surely you will fit into your favourite costumes. So check it out…!!

Honey and Lime juice

Girls, you must be aware of the fact about drinking lime water in the morning. That is true. Take some warm water, add a spoon of honey and one lime. Drink it daily in the morning. It will cut out all the fat in less time.


We are aware that pineapple cuts the mouth, but do you know pineapple cuts the body fats also! Yes, consumption of pineapple on daily basis cuts the fat in just a month.


Hello to Green Tea

If you are tea obsessed and you need to be fit also. Here is a solution. Just say BYE BYE to black tea and say HI HI to green tea. Daily consumption once a day cuts the fat so early.


Milk Freak

If you cannot say bye to milk then just replace your full cream to double toned milk. This will help to reduce the weight.


Say no to sugar

Sugar contains too much fat content. Just replace them with sugar-free pills.


So, ladies, this is the part 1. You can read some more tricks in my next blog, GO From Fat to Fit; Part 2. Till then try these and start being fit.

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