Girls Would Never Admit Doing These 8 Things, But They Certainly Do Them!

Girls are complicated! We agree on one thing and disagree on the same a few minutes later! Sometimes, we don’t even know what we feel and end up expressing it as the opposite of what it is.

Recently we came across a few interesting answers on Quora by girls, who have revealed some things which they do but never admit doing them!

#1 Cry in front of mirrors to see how we look when we cry!

#2 We aren’t as terrified of insects or blood as they show in movies or write in books!

#3 We check out boys ALL THE TIME!

#4 We Wear the same outfit two days in a row if we know we won’t be meeting the same people again!

#5 We FART!

#6 We have a habit of reading and re-reading our text chats we had with our crush/boyfriends/spouses.

#7 We check out GIRLS too!

#8 We STALK A lot! We stalk our enemies, our exes, crushes, friends of friends, bhatija of the distant mama, brother of pados wali bhabhi, the guy we meet at evening walks. Basically, EVERYONE!