Get The Pre-Diwali Glow With These 5 Easy Beauty Tricks

The festive season has commenced and it’s the time to indulge, in parties, food, and drinks!! We do know that the sudden lifestyle change during the season could havoc with the skin and lead to sudden breakouts. But don’t worry! We’ve got you sorted!!

We are here to share 5 easiest and result-oriented beauty tips to protect your skin this festive skin and give a natural glow:

#1 We highly recommend you to wash your face with ice water or simply rub an ice cube with a tablespoon of honey on the face. This would give you a glowy face instantly.

#2 To get rid of tired and puffy eyes, massage a grated cucumber around your eye area and then lie down with the used chamomile tea bags on your eyes for 10 minutes.

#3 Start your morning with a glass of fresh unsweetened coconut water. And throughout the day drink filtered water! This would give your skin softness and glow!


#4 For naturally supple lips, replace traditional chapsticks with nourishing natural ingredients such as shea butter (or cocoa butter) and coconut oil.


#5 Use Aloe Vera to soothe your skin right away! Aloe Vera would give you smooth, vibrant skin. You just have to simply slice open an aloe vera leaf and apply it directly on your face!