Flying Cars to become reality; Uber

San Francisco-based Cab hailing service provider Uber has laid down a plan for an air-taxi network dubbed, “Uber Elevate”, in a nearly 100-page white paper. If everything turns out well, the dream of travelling in flying cars would turn into reality.

The company explained, “with more people in the air, the move can ease out the burden on the roads in heavily congested areas.”

The ride-sharing company hopes to have the program up and running with affordable, electric flying cars within the next 10 years.

“It’s probably realistic in the sense that you can build a thing that will fly,” says Russell Handcock, President and CEO of Joint Venture Silicon Valley. “We know how to make flying automobiles, we know how to make a flying craft, what’s difficult is the regulatory environment”, he added.

Hurdles include battery technology,  certification by aviation regulators, air-traffic control mechanism as well as infrastructure needs, such as more takeoff and landing cities.

As per Reuters, Uber plans to reach out to stakeholders within the next six months to explore the implications of urban air transport and share ideas before hosting a summit in early 2017 to explore the issues and solutions and help accelerate urban air transportation.

Uber has announced this plan, days after it successfully fulfilled the shipment of 50,000 cans of Budweiser across 120 miles of highway in Colorado without a driver via a self-driving truck.


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