Five hours of smartphone battery life in five minutes

None of us want our phone’s battery to  drain out. But using multiple applications over the phone drains the battery really fast.  So, here is a good news for all the people wishing for an everlasting battery life.

US company Qualcomm which makes semiconductors and telecommunications equipment for smartphones debuted its new super-fast charging technology dubbed Quick Charge 4 last week.


We put a lot of hard work and engineering into new products, and we’re going to deliver what we hope is a much better charging experience from 2016” Qualcomm’s senior director of product management Everett Roach said.

The company says Quick Charge 4 will provide phones with five hours of battery life in just five minutes or up to 50 percent of a battery’s capacity in under 15 minutes. The new technology will appear in Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chip, which is expected to launch early next year.

So for those who live in perennial fear of a depleted phone battery, you can expect Qualcomm’s charging technology to appear in Android phones in early 2017.

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