“Fear of failure will never leave me,” says Alia Bhatt

In an interview, the 23 year old actress Alia Bhatt talked about her fear of failure. Though, the on-screen journey of the actress till now has been a golden one, she confesses that she has this fear of failing.

Fear of failing will never leave me. I have had one flop in the past and I am happy that it happened. If that had not happened, I would not know how it feels to be not successful. It is all part of the process. You need to fall down to get up again. The point is you should know what to do when a situation like that comes.” This is what she says. She also adds to it saying that she is just going with the flow and is happy with her life right now.

The actress is in the news these days because of her upcoming movie Dear Zindagi. She also talks about her confidence in Gauri Shinde and expresses happiness in working with her.

Hope you do well Alia.

Featured image source: indianexpress.com

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