Engineer who won ‘Make in India’ award arrested for printing fake Rs.2000 currency notes

Abhinav Verma. a young engineer who was awarded the ‘Make in India’ award earlier in 2015, was recently arrested, with two others, for illegal printing and circulation of fake Rs.2000 notes. The trio also duped people by exchanging the scrapped Rs.500 and Rs.1000 currency with the fake Rs. 2000 notes, charging a commission of 30%.

Abhinav, along with his cousin Vishakha Verma, and Ludhiana-based property dealer Suman Nagpal, were arrested when the Punjab police recovered fake currency worth Rs.42 lakh in Rs 2,000 notes from a brand new luxury Audi SUV which the trio were using.


Abhinav was awarded by PM Narendra Modi for his wearable technology innovation ‘Live braille’ which that helped blind people to walk around without the aid of a walking stick. His device was launched this year.

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