Diwali Gifting Ideas 2016

Diwali week has begun! Apart from purchasing sweets and crackers, another important purchase includes gifts for friends and families.

Traditionally, Sweets have been the best choice to be given as gifts, but nowadays, people have become health conscious.

So, this Diwali season, we have compiled a list of suitable gift items which you can buy for your loved ones:

Lights and Lanterns

Lights and lanterns are the ideal gifts for Diwali. Your gift can be used for decoration purposes on the day of the festival.



Devotional Idols

Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, brings prosperity to her devotees as she enters their houses this time of the year. A lot of Indians also worship the Goddess Kali during this occasion. If you are looking for a spiritual gift for your friend, then you can look for a statue made of clay, plastic or silver.

ganapat diwali

Gift Vouchers

One of the most cherished gifts for your friends or family is a gift voucher from a particular store from which they shop. This way, they will have the liberty to pick items of their choice from their favorite store.


Ethnic Attire

Diwali is the perfect time to go traditional. So, why not gift ethnic dresses to your loved ones? You could buy your female friend a saree or a lehenga or a kurti. For your male friend, a kurta or sherwani would be the right choice.


Grooming Products

Diwali is the time to glow! And to make your loved ones happy and glow, why not buy them personal grooming products like day or night creams, makeup kits, perfumes for girls, while shaving creams, shavers etc for guys.


So, readers, what are your plans for gifting this Diwali? Share your ideas in the comments section below.

Happy Diwali 2016!

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