Digital Marketing as a Career

Since the internet and social media have taken over our lives, companies have shifted their major focus online for their brand building. Digital Marketing is being allocated higher budget than ever before and their professionals are lured with increased pay. This is because it has been estimated that by the year 2020, there would be more than 150,000 jobs exclusively for digital marketing professionals but not enough individuals to fill them.

Sounds like the economic theory of demand & supply, where demand increases, the price rises; thus, the pay would be really good.

Wouldn’t it be great if you master yourself in skills that could give you job security as there is a dearth of such individuals and a high pay at the same time? Sounds exciting no?


Firstly and most importantly, you must have the passion to learn, as this industry is rapidly growing; so keep yourself updated about the changing trends as the major players like google, facebook regular keep on improving and making changes to their paid advertising platforms and algorithms.

The ability to clearly make the web developers and coders understand what strategy to be followed is a vital trait of a good digital marketing professional. A basic knowledge of HTML and graphic design would help to make you stand out from the less technically minded candidates.

While increasing your social media marketing knowledge would be beneficial, but the act of formal training via online classrooms would give you an edge over your peers who say they want to build a career in digital marketing but don’t put in that extra effort.



Even though writing is a major part of the job, the ability to create visual content is just as important, as your job would require you to have a posting strategy that includes a variety of creative content, including images, videos, promotions, and  landing pages. You’ll need to know how to talk to customers in a way that’s appropriate for the company.

Want to stand out from the rest in front of your potential employer? Then, you must invest in building your powerful social media presence; gain your own twitter and LinkedIn followers, write blogs and publish them regularly on random topics, and contribute your thoughts in random online discussion portals and groups.

You can also take Google Online Digital Marketing Course and their exam, and even take Google Analytics exam online, and showcase your digital marketing knowledge on your LinkedIn profile, which really gives a boost to your resume.

The role of a Social Media professional has become a necessity for a business, so go ahead, acquire the skills and keep your resume updated with add-ons and get that handsome job offer!!

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