Demonetization: Ola shook hands with banks and gas companies

As per sources, in BENGALURU, OLA has partnered with BCL and ICICI and Axis Bank. For its alliance with the banks, Ola says that it has taken this initiative to ease up its finance-related issues like money exchange and setting up of Mobile ATMs in its offices.

Speaking of its bond with BCL, it says that this has been done in order to facilitate the process of obtaining fuel e-vouchers across all BCL petrol pumps in Bangalore.

Karanveer Singh Shekhawat, Vice President of the company said, “Aligned with government’s Digital India mission, Ola has been working towards helping hundreds of driver partners across the country get access to digital financial benefits like bank accounts, payment cards, online transfer of earnings on a daily basis.”

The activity has started this week and would thus soon be implemented in other main cities too.

In Kolkata too has the company started a new partnership with PNB to put up mobile ATMs in its cabs. Similarly, in Hyderabad, it has partnered with SBI and Andhra Bank.  This would help the passengers to make easy payments.

The company seeks public interest, so does it seem.

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