Demonetization Effect: The Road To Bank Is Not An Easy One

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s firm step towards eradicating black money from India shook the entire nation on the eve of 8th November,2016. A ban on Rs 500 and 1000 notes was an epic move in the direction. In order to avoid hassle in availing the new currency to the common man, Modi also legally closed all the banks for a day. ATMs got closed for 2 days.

After a day’s off, the banks were to reopen. But, the shocking part was that there were long lines in front of the banks even before the banks’ staff started arriving. People were standing in long queues and they had to wait for 2-3 hours in order to get their notes exchanged. Many shops remained closed as the shopkeepers had no change in their shops.

All branches of each and every bank were crowded with people demanding for newer notes. Even the banks inside college campuses had long queues.

This sudden move has brought all the corrupt people into motion. Surely, they must be very tensed to exchange the currency. But, this move also has affected the common man very effectively.

An excessively large amount of a frequent pressure has now built up over the banks and their staff is working under the conditions as same as in those of an emergency within a country. The hassle is surely an irritating one, but the initiative is towards the formation of a newer and a better India. After all, “ACCHE DIN AANE WAALE HAIN.”

Featured Image Curtesy: channelnewsasia

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