Demonetization and Paytm

Demonetization: This is what the term appears to be like to the common people of India. The process of demonetization in its source is constantly bringing a lot of problems to the common people of the country. As seen and observed by almost everyone, there are long queues of people desperately waiting for money transactions from banks as well as ATMs.

Those who rely on ATM cards for their daily expenditures are really worried these days as hardly 1-2 out of every 10 ATM is working and has currency. Amidst all these chaos, the load on Paytm and similar digital wallets has increased drastically. Even the local vendors are nowadays seen to have the board saying : “Paytm, available here”.



Everyone seeks to enter only those shops which accept either Paytm or have machines for swiping credit/debit cards. Even petrol pumps, mother dairies also have started to accept Paytm.

We don’t know what else is in store for us to see and go through.

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