Coconut Oil can be your new best friend. But HOW?

Coconut oil does magic to one’s body, whether taken internally or applied. Let us share some amazing benefits of this oil:

  1. Happy HairCoconut oil makes hair strong, smooth and shiny, giving it all the required essentials. Use it for a nice and light head massage. We all know it works wonders to our hair.  Use it after you wash your hair to add shine. Take few drops and apply it as a hair serum. Also, enjoy its light and pleasant smell in your air throughout the day.
  2. Lip Balm: Works best as an overnight treatment for cracked and dry lips. Also, it reduces pigmentation if applied regularly every night. Coconut oil makes your lips smooth and soft. Be regular with this one 😉
  3. Longer Eye Lashes: Mixed with some castor oil, apply it on your lashes before hitting the bed.  It makes the lashes longer and also moisturises them.
  4. Cuticle Oil: Just apply and let it stay overnight. Do it religiously and in no time, you will see the difference, healthy and strong nails!
  5. Make-up Remover: You don’t need those expensive makeup removers anymore. Simply apply coconut oil, as it not only rids your skin off the makeup, also moisturises it.
  6. Skin Protector: Never knew coconut oil could be used as a sun screen? Its true! Protect your skin from the skin with the application of coconut oil. Apply it on your body as a lotion and stay smooth, moisturised and soft!


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