Choosing a job over higher education?

One of the biggest dilemma faced by a recent graduate is to choose between a job and higher education. Placement cells at colleges attribute to the increase in a number of students opting for jobs and also; the gloomy economic scenario compels the students to not take a risk by rejecting the job offers.

In fact, these days, companies prefer hiring workforce which has an industry exposure of at least a year or 2, than the ones with valuable degrees  which has led to a decline in the number of students opting for higher education.

Pursuing higher education over job might be a good option for those looking for specialization in a particular field. This would prepare and develop the student for a particular field of work, which in turn, increases the odds of him finding a suitable job.

Specialization in a particular subject also enhances the confidence of the student. It’s because of these reasons, the student with a higher education degree, starts off his career at a higher remuneration package.

Even though deciding to purse higher education after working for sometime is a tough call, but it has its own perks. Working a few jobs would give a better picture of a particular field as it actually is. This would give you a chance to do some editing of your future plans and sharpen your interests. Working beforehand would give you a chance to see whether you even like the career path you’ve chosen so far not.

The most amazing feature of a job for the recent graduates is the financial independence. And once,  you’re used to a paycheck, you might even decide that higher education isn’t as appealing as it once seemed.

Thanks to the rise in the number of education tech startups, there are a lot of online courses available these days catering to specific fields of growth, especially designed for working professionals, providing certification after completion of these courses. Getting certified in various areas of the industry and doing the job simultaneously, is another way to grow in the career path.

If you have recently graduated and have an appointment letter of the job which you grabbed during the placement session in your college or are actively looking for work, or trying to clear the entrance test of a post graduation school, consider the consequences of the decision of choosing between a job and higher education, taken at this point of your life, as this decision would play a big role in the long run for successful accomplishment of your career goals!!

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