Chandigarh- The Most Perfect City in the world by BBC

What is your idea of a Perfect City? Have you ever even thought about it? I haven’t. But there is a city out there which has been named as the Most Perfect City in the world by BBC. And the interesting part is, its our very own Chandigarh. O Balle Balle !


Chandigarh can be easily summed up in three words: Perfect, Pristine, and Punjabi!

Since its inception, we have known there is no better place to live in than Chandigarh. Neatly planned and divided symmetrically, Chandigarh is nothing short of a utopia. And BBC agrees, for they have just named it the most perfect, ‘remarkable ideal’ city in the world.

In a story that the BBC ran, Is this the perfect city?’, writer Jonathan Glancey takes us down its history and bares open its soul. He discusses how the planning, infrastructure, neighbourhood and the amalgamation of tradition and modernity makes Chandigarh a flawless metropolis.


The city was designed by French Architect, Le Corbusier. It is the first planned city of India post-Independence. And not just that, now it’s been named as the perfect city in the world.


The city’s emblem is an ‘Open Hand’, and it is a symbol of peace and reconciliation.

According to two surveys conducted in 2010 and 2015, it is the cleanest and the happiest city of India. On top of that, it is the first smoke-free city in the country.

You still need a reason to visit the city? I’m packing my bags and I’m off to Chandigarh right now!

Image Sources: Food ,India today

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