CBSE Class 10th Board Exams are back: Here’s all you need to know

Three major changes have been announced by CBSE to be followed by Over 18,000 schools affiliated to the board. These changes include the recommencement of Board exams for class X students, which were made optional in 2011. Class X students will have to sit for boards as it has been made compulsory from 2018. The Board exam will carry 80 per cent weight and a student’s performance in school tests will account for 20 per cent. “The student will have to secure pass marks in both school and board exams separately to get promoted to Class XII,” said another GB member.

Another change that has been suggested is regarding the three-language formula. Earlier, students studied three languages i.e. English, Hindi and Sanskrit or any modern Indian language up to class VIII. However, many schools taught additional foreign languages like German and French, which now will have to be treated as the fourth language. The Board’s Governing Body resolved to implement this three-language formula up to Class X,  on Tuesday. CBSE’s highest decision-making body, also decided to introduce an eligibility test for principals of all its schools.


All three decisions need the final stamp of approval from the HRD Ministry, said sources.

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