Burn Calories, not Cigarettes – Smoking is hazardous

Smoking kills”, “Smoking is injurious to health” are some of the prominent lines written on our frequently used cigarette packs!

The bitter truth is that most of us are well aware of the consequences of this slow killer, yet we tend to grow up in the smoke and spend our lives’ earnings in finding remedies for the permanent damage to our lungs.

Why not try the fit way out? Here are a few tips we can follow in order to attain our fitness goals and eliminate smoking:

  1. Sore today and be strong tomorrow– Life is too short to be spent in ashes and alcohol. You never know a change may be just around the corner. All you gotta do is keep running, biking, swimming, lifting and guess what? You’ll be right there..!
  1. Live sober– It’s high time we spend our money on the deadlifts rather than on our shots of vodka. Are we all so immature to decide what our body requirements are, where our dependability must be shifted to? Just keep in mind that you should stay away from the first drink itself.
  1. When nothing goes right, go LIFT– Exercising is one of the best ways to motivate yourself to quit smoking. It is when you will truly realize how cigarettes have made you weaker. This is one of the major reasons why athletes do not smoke.
  1. Gift yourself a life, not death– Your life is really precious for your dear ones. So why not quit smoking today and save your new year’s resolution for something better? And once in a while, ask yourself, “Is the value of your life really as cheap as a quick nicotine fix?”
  1. Eat well and work out– In the journey of your perseverance, never forget to have a proper diet. Working out and then consuming all the pizzas all over again will get you nowhere but back to square one!

How simple and easy our lives would become if we follow such basic rules in life! Instead of waiting for our obvious deaths due to smoking, we should rather be patient, indulge ourselves into fitness therapies and then wait for the reward.

Let’s not burn the nation all into ashes and waste the youth. Instead, let’s prepare for running in the Olympics rather than giving our lives away one smoke after another. So, sweat, smile and repeat. (looks like  a pretty solid recipe for success!)

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