To boost sales, Apple has resorted to selling refurbished iPhones

Apple has started selling refurbished iPhones from its online store in the U.S. Currently, only iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in 16GB, 64GB variants are being offered.  These phones are carrier unlocked.

Since this is Apple certified, the products are going to be in perfect working condition. According to Apple’s refurbished store website, the iPhones come with a one year warranty.

The refurbished version of the iPhone 6s Plus 64GB in Rose Gold is priced at $589.00. The 16GB version of the iPhone 6s Plus in Silver colour is priced at $529.00 with $100 off.

In India too, Apple has applied for government’s approval to import and sell its certified pre-owned iPhones.

Let’s hope the application gets approved! 🙂


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