Bollywood actresses now and then-bulk transformations

Losing weight is such a difficult task… No one likes a chubby actress in a lead role. It is an era of zero figure. Then how can any  Bollywood actress continue being chubby if she needs a huge magnitude of fan following? Here is a list of 5 bollywood actresses who underwent amazing transformations by losing weight.

  1.  Sonakshi Sinha: Everyone knows how chubby she was initially. But, she decided not to remain so forever and the result of her labour is visible.

  2. Parineeti Chopra: Her hard work can never be underestimated. She was so determined to look better that she is now an inspiration for many many girls. Hard to believe but she used to weigh 86 kilos once.

  3. Sonam Kapoor: Sonam used to weigh around 90 kgs in her schooling days and now… well you can tell it yourselves..

  4. Alia Bhatt: Though she is super hot and sexy now, she wasn’t the same always. She was fat too once.. and now..

  5. Zareen Khan: She used to be like this is something beyond anyone’s imagination. Her transformation from fit to fat is worth appreciation.


They really did a lot of hard work to get this beautiful appearance… They are worth appreciation.

Hats off!!

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