Bollywood Actresses who were exploited by their ex-partners

#1 Karisma Kapoor – Sanjay Kapoor

In year 2003, Karisma Kapoor married Delhi-based businessman Sanjay Kapoor. However, In 2012 the two were separated. The former couple has two children, who currently stay with Karisma.


#2 Preity Zinta – Ness Wadia

Preity Zinta made her relationship public with Top Businessman Ness Wadia in year 2005. In 2008, they took their relationship to another level and bought Kings XI Punjab team of Indian Premier League together. Alleged rift between the two came out when Ness publicly slapped Preity in a party in 2009. A few months after that the couple broke up . However, on June 13, 2014, Preity Zinta filed a complaint against Ness Wadia accusing him of molestation, threats and abuse.


#3 Aishwarya Rai – Salman Khan

Aishwarya Rai accused her former boyfriend Salman Khan in year 2002 in an interview that even after more than a year of their breakup, Salman was not able to come in terms with it and harassed her. Even her parents filed a Police FIR against Salman for stalking and threatening Aishwarya.


#4 Kangana Ranaut – Aditya Pancholi

Few months ago, the Rangoon actress made a confession about being in an abusive relationship with a person from this industry, earlier in her career. She explicitly told IndianExpress, “It was a very difficult and very harsh time. I was physically abused. I don’t have to go to details. I felt trapped. You feel people might help you. But there are no free lunches. This man who was my father’s age hit me hard on my head when I was 17. I started bleeding. I took out my sandal and hit his head hard and he started to bleed too.” Though she didn’t take any name, but it’s not hard to guess who he was!



#5 Deepshika Nagpal – Kaishav Arora

Deepshikha married Kaishav in year 2012. After 4 years of marriage, she revealed that her husband threatened to kill her and her children. The actress also approached cops to restrain her husband from entering her house. They got divorced in February 2016.

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