Skip the helmet when your ride is BMW Motorrad

BMW has been in the transportation for more than a century now, and we all know that it’s famous worldwide for ultra luxury cars that just take your breath away in every segment. But this time BMW has surprised with something entirely different and unique. Infact this is something one of its kind. We always thought BMW loved innovation but this sets the bar high in the clouds.

BMW debuted the Motorrad Vision Next100 yesterday in Los Angeles. And you know what that is, it’s a motorcycle of the future. Sounds crazy? Wait till you scroll down! The design’s going to make you go “Whoooaaaa” !

bmw motorrad

Yes, that’s for real! This beast looks absolutely Mind-Blowing , doesn’t it?

The BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 is built from a single “flex frame,” a carbon fibre shell that extends from the front to the rear wheel. The designers call its shape a dynamic sweep, and it does away with old-fashioned things like bearings and joints

bmw motorrad

Such a majestic view!

The classic BMW boxer engine shape remains, although this bike will have a zero emissions drivetrain, which currently comes with zero further details like horsepower, top speed, or acceleration

BMW Motorrad

Who wouldn’t want a super bike like this one? I’d kill for a bike like this.

BMW Motorrad

Goggles are a must.

Instead of a traditional instrument cluster, the bike communicates key data like speed and navigation through a head-up display. That’s why you need the Goggles!

“The vision vehicle will act with foresight and is able to protect the rider at any time,” says Heinrich, head of design at BMW Motorrad.

Driver assistance features will continually monitor the environment, the route, the speed, the angle of lean, and myriad other factors, intervening to ensure the rider can’t crash.

Gyroscopes keep the bike upright when stationary, so you can’t even fall when stopped.

BMW’s roughly an eternity from actually telling riders to ditch traditional safety gear, but things like traction control, hill start assist, and antilock brakes are already making it harder to kill yourself on two wheels.

How cool is that? This is one of the most important part of the revolution BMW Motorrad is going to bring.

bmw motorrad

If you need information about anything, just glance down to call up a menu of options, then point a finger to make your selection. Glance down further still, and a map pops into view, glowing in blue, positioned where the riders of yore once clipped paper maps onto their tank bags.

Well, this is one transformation i have never seen in my lifetime and i hope that this comes down to the Indian market. 

Way to go BMW!

And now we want you to see, what took our breath away:

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