Bill Gates Gives Career Advice To College Grads in Just 14 Tweets!

The World’s richest man ‘Bill Gates’, from time to time, is asked about career advice for the recent graduates. Microsoft’s co-founder astonishingly took to twitter on Tuesday and gave the answer to the recurring question in a series of 14 tweets.

Take your pen and paper and note down the important points he mentioned on Twitter:

#1 Started on a Funny Note!

#2 If he was starting today, Bill Gates Would Start Off With This!

#3 Dropping-Out of College a Mistake?

#4 Intelligence is Multi-Dimensional

#5 Learn About World Inequities

#6 Fight Inequities!

#7 Company Matters

#8 True Happiness Depends Upon The Happiness Of Our Loved Ones

#9 Most Inspiring Book Bill Has Ever Read!

#10 World is Peaceful NOW

#11 Thinking Makes The Difference

#12 Believing and Making the Change

#13 Love What You Do!