Biggest Misconceptions Everyone Has About PERFUMES!

Perfumes are an integral part of our lives, yet we have several misconceptions about the. Forget about the misconceptions, many of us even think that cologne is for men and perfume is for women, but those terms merely refer to the concentration of scent oils in the fragrance, which is itself the basic, gender-neutral term.

#1 The More Expensive the scent, the Better!


This is not always true, as some cheap scents would wear better than some designer expensive scents where we are majorly paying a higher amount for the brand value.

#2 All Fragrances are the Same Strength


A stronger fragrance will naturally smell more powerful, however, and require less application.

#3 Rub Fragrance into the Skin


Let the fragrance sit on the skin and absorb on its own.

#4 How a Fragrance Smells on a Piece of paper and Skin is Identical


It is impossible to judge by sniffing a perfume on a piece of paper how it would smell on your skin. In fact, a fragrance can and will smell slightly differently on different people’s skin.