Best 5 Beauty Benefits Of Turmeric

Turmeric, an essential element of the Indian food, is a natural antiseptic substance belonging to ginger family. It is being used as a healing agent in the Ayurveda since time immemorial. We find the evidences of its use in the history. Since long has it been used as a substance which heals internal disorders and wounds.

Drinking a glass of lukewarm milk with a pinch of turmeric powder in it heals even the worst wounds fastly. Keeping all this apart, we cannot at all undermine the various beauty benefits of  turmeric.

  1. Acne treatment: One can easily make a face pack by mixing turmeric powder, sandalwood powder and a little bit of lemon juice. Applying this mask once a week for 10 minutes lightens your skin tone and even heals acnes and pimples. Continued use of the same even helps in lightening the scars.
  2. Stretch Marks: Ladies, this one will blow your minds off as you rarely do get a remedy for ugly stretch marks. Applying a mixture of gram flour  and turmeric powder with yogurt or raw milk on the stretch marks lightens them naturally.
  3. Anti-Dandruff: Applying a mixture of turmeric powder with olive oil on your scalp gives them a good nourishment. It removes dandruff.
  4. Skin tone treatment: In order to get a smooth, glowing and germ-free skin, the use of turmeric has been in fashion since decades. Mixing 4 tablespoons of wheat flour with a teaspoon of honey in a little bit of oil and lukewarm water and applying it serves as a beauty cream.
  5. Healing cream: It is well-known for its healing effect. Applying a mixture of 3 spoons of turmeric powder in castor or coconut oil for 10 minutes over the affected area heals the cracks.

So, these were the five best beauty benefits of turmeric, which will make your skin glowy and shiny!

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