Being In a Girls’ College isn’t that bad….

I have done my graduation from a girls’ college in the University Of Delhi. Even though i never intended to get admitted to it, but i chose “course over college” [Reason; high cut-offs for B.A. (hons.) Economics].
Initially, i almost gave up! I remember, during the first week, i used to find reasons to skip classes & get back home early. The major reason why it was so difficult to adjust was the fact that wherever i went, i found a bunch of girls checking me out from head to toe. Let me clarify, this was not because i was an alien or looked different; this happened with everyone. Probably, it didn’t matter to others, but it killed me.
After around 15 days, when i was about to leave the class after the lecture got over, my 2 classmates said “Hello” to me. I responded positively. Then we started chatting about the college and course. Withing 15 minutes of the conversation, they befriended me. After 2 weeks of mental torture, finally,  i made friends. When i started attending lectures and hanging out with them, i started liking my college. I enjoyed being there.

So, from my experience, i have compiled a list of few points about the life in a girls’ college:

1) People may say that a girl is the girl’s biggest enemy. But i say, when both are mature, there cannot be a better best friend in the life of a girl than her girl friend. In a girls’ college, we can find that very easily.
2) We can wear whatever we want; short skirts, cropped tops, micro shorts etc… as there are no guys staring us to the level that makes us feel sick.
3) There is no jealousy among girls regarding which girl has the most handsome guy in the college as her boyfriend. No jealousy, less fights.
4) From the experience, everyone would agree with me that boys create more chaos during the lectures than girls.Hence, the ambience of the classes are better in a girls’ college than co-ed ones. There are serious studies and lectures which take place
Offcourse, there are many other reasons too!! & i am sure many readers of this blog also have few points in their minds. If possible, then do share your experiences and ideas in the comments section; i will make sure i will add those points to my article 🙂

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