Baywatch Trailer: Here is what Priyanka and Dwayne have to say about Priyanka’s fleeting appreance

After such a long wait, the first official trailer of ‘Baywatch’ is released. But the trailer did let Priyanka’s fans dissapointed due to her fleeting appearance.

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PeeCee’s fan immediately took to Twitter to voice their disappointment. And therir cries weren’t unheard by Priyanka and Dwayne (Priyanka’s co star in Baywatch), as Dwayne immediately took twitter to assure fans that ‘the Boss’ was coming.

Priyanka Chopra also tweeted to her fans making them excited!

Priyanka is making her Hollywood debut by playing a villain in the film ‘Baywatch’. The film releases in May 2017.

Featured image: The Indian Express

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