FC Barcelona President announces a friendly match in India!

FC Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu has announced that the Catalan club is planning to play a friendly match in India within the next three years as they continue to look for new ways to grow their global brand.

Outside of Spain, the club now has offices in both Hong Kong and the United States and they also boast over 20 football schools spread across the world, including two in Mumbai and Delhi.

However, the Blaugrana are looking to add to that number, while they’re also keen to find other ways to increase their popularity in Asia and beyond.

“There is a lot to promote in other countries,” Bartomeu said.

fc barcelona

“One of our objectives is to come to India with our first team,” he said.

“Now the dates are very tight. The season ends late and starts early.

“I am sure we will come to India in the next two to three years. Our board is seriously thinking about it.”

Well, that is an awesome news. Barca forever!

Image Source: Sport English

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