New Apple MacBook is truly AMAZING!

Apple has launched the first new version of its MacBook Pro laptop in 18 months, with a new OLED touchscreen on the keyboard capable of inserting emoji into text, as well as updates to the rest of its laptop line.

The new MacBook Pro is thinner, lighter and comes complete with fingerprint scanner. It also continues Apple’s rollout of USB-C, which began with the MacBook last year.

Here’s a look at the event as it happened:


The biggest change to the design of the machine is a new OLED touch panel above the standard keyboard, which replaces the multi-function “F” keys, and allows dynamic shortcuts to functions such as volume control and window management.


Phil Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide marketing for Apple, said: “It’s a retina display, multitouch, responding to gestures and taps. We call it Touch Bar. First it replaces the standard system functions, but it goes way beyond that. It adapts to whatever software you’re using.”


But the new 15in MacBook Pro is by far the more powerful, with a quad-core version of Intel’s i7 processor, 16GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. It also comes with an AMD Radeon Pro 450 graphics chip that offers up to 4GB of video RAM, with 130% faster 3D graphics, 60% faster gaming and 57% faster video editing.

Both models have up to 10 hours of battery life, Apple said.

The new MacBook Pro will be for sale immediately, shipping in two to three weeks, with the 13in version costing $1,799 in the US and £1,749 in the UK and the 15in costing $2,399 in the UK and £2,349 in the UK.

Yayyy Apple!

Image Source: Apple

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