Angry Americans protest against the Trump victory

The American crowd angered after Donald Trump victory started its day 1 with protests across the US. There were demonstrators holding vigils, lighting bonfires and blocking traffic. They were shouting slogans like ‘Not my President‘ and ‘No Fascists USA‘.

Protests were seen in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, California, Colorado, Seattle, Los Angeles, Portland, Atlanta, Austin, Denver, San Francisco and few other cities.

The protesters were seen walking on roads and highways holding placards and expressing their resentment for Trump. They were shouting slogans likes ‘No more Hate‘ and ‘Trump is not our President‘.


People are reacting to Trump’s victory with shock, fear and anger. The immigrants, muslims, people of color and other oppressed people are worried and the question of how to defend themselves against the coming attacks is racing their minds. This group says that the protests are the beginning of “coordinated nationwide mobilisations to organise millions into a massive grassroots movement.”

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