Alia Bhatt made Parineeti and Sonam jealous

Bollywood is one of the most demanding industries and staying at the top here is not an easy task. Even if you make it to the top, then there exists insecurities and jealousy galore.

We have heard the fact that successful people are always lonely. And this fact has come true for Alia Bhatt. She is just 23 and has become one of the most bankable actors in the industry today. She has delivered hits and has left us amazed and stunned by performances in films.

Source: The Indian Express

There was tough competition between the lead actresses for the Best Actress Award at the Star Screen Awards. Sonam Kapoor was expecting this award for her strong oriented movie: Neerja. But Alia bagged the award! This left Sonam in disappointment.

Source: Filmfare

Parineeti Chopra was keenly interested in signing Aashiqui 3 franchise but it was Alia who got selected. This has miffed Parineeti a bit.

We hope that this winning streak lasts for Alia.

Featured image: Deccan Chronicle

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