Alchoholic actresses of Bollywood

#1 Manisha Koirala

Shrinking career and fallen apart love life made Manisha Koirala take up the habit of drinking. However, now she has given up the addiction after she recovered from cancer.

alchoholic actresses


#2 Silk Smitha

Well, her story has ben well portrayed in Vidya Balan starrer “The Dirty Picture”. Silk Smitha, after her failed career as a producer and a failed relationship, took over drinking as a habit and fell into depression. This finally led her to commit suicide.

alchoholic actresses


#3 Sushmita Sen

Rumours were abuzz about her alcohol addiction, gambling and nervous breakdowns, all of which the former Miss Universe denied.

alchoholic actresses


#4 Meena Kumari

The legendary actress who reigned the Bollywood industry for 30 years, got addicted to drinking after her divorce. She died due to Liver disease at the age of only 40.

alchoholic actresses


#5 Jaya Bachchan

If rumours are to be believed, Jaya Bachchan resorted to drinking at the time when her husband was in an extra-marital affair with Rekha.

alchoholic actresses

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