5 Bollywood Child Actors then and now

Bollywood industry as well as our television daily soaps have always been featuring child actors every now and then. So, we have organised list of 5 child actors you must not have forgotten.. You’ve got to see how they looked back then and how they do now.

  1. SANA SAEED: You must  not have forgotten the cute little ANJALI from KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI. Well, she is all grown up and looks as cute as she was back then. Have a look.

    Source: bollywoodbubble.com
  2. PARZAN DASTUR: Certainly this super cute SARDAR boy who appeared in KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI and spoke just once in the movie with a dialogue-“TUSSI NAA JAAO” is cute still as he grew up.

    Source: indiatimes.com
  3. AYESHA KAPUR: The girl who acted so well as young MICHELLE in BACK looks like this now. Ayesha Kapur is currently the youngest person ever to win a Zee Cine Award and an IIFA Award.

    Source: bollywoodpapa.com
  4. DARSHEEL SAFARY: He was just 9 when he played a lead in TAARE ZAMEEN PAR: an unforgettable movie. When interview lately, the actor revealed that he has a wonderful girlfriend but chose not to reveal her identity unless he’s not 18. Also, he said that he’ll not be doing any movies currently as studies are his priority.

    Source: thebollywoodfunda.com
  5. JHANAK SHUKLA: How can we forget this sweetheart from KAL HO NA HO who played JIA and also has been the star amongst the children for playing the role of KARISHMA in KARISHMA KA KARISHMA. She was and she still is very beautiful. She has always been an amazing actress and what surprises us all is that she was just 5-6 years old back then when she appeared in KARISHMA KA KARISHMA.

Source: itimes.com

We all wish to see them back on camera again. Hope that happens soon enough.

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