6 Life Changing Beauty Hacks every girl must know

Being familiar with simple beauty hacks at times is life saving. Today, we’re gonna reveal 6 super easy beauty hacks which would certainly help you out at some points in your life. You gotta see them..

  1. Concealing dark circles:  For girls having dark circles, this one is a lifesaver. Instead of using a normal concealer, brush your dark circles with light strokes of a red lipstick and then apply a concealer. This technique is much more effective than using the concealer only.beauty hacks
  2. Dry lips: If you are sick of drinking water and still have dry lips, this one’s for you. Just take a green tea bag and wet it out. Squeeze the excess water and simply put it on your lips for about five minutes. It really works… try it this fall.beauty hacks
  3. Dark armpits: Okay girls I know that 85% of you have dark underarms. This one is super easy. You really got to try this out. Simply take a potato and cut it into halves. Rub it for 4-5 minutes. Try this out for a few weeks and the difference is visible.beauty hacks
  4. Got bruises? : Nothing can be simpler than this one. If you got a bruise, simply take some mouthwash like Listerine in a cotton ball and rub it on the bruise…. It’s really gone.beauty hacks
  5. Mattify any lipstick: Just apply any normal lipstick on your lips other than a matt finish. Put some face powder in your lips using a brush and dab it. You’re done.beauty hacks
  6. Natural scrub: Mix coffee grains with some coconut oil and you get a perfect exfoliating scrub. It not only smoothens and brings a glow to your skin, but also helps your stretch marks to fade away.beauty hacks


Try these simple life changing hacks. We bet you’ll fall in love with them! No Thanks 😉


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