5 Upcoming Marvel movies we are looking forward to!

DID EVERYONE FEEL that just now? It was the Earth’s mantle cracking from the impact of a cultural carpet-bombing by Marvel. As they announced during an event in Los Angeles yesterday, they’ve got 2016-2019 on lockdown—it looks like Phase III is about to be in full effect. Here are the official release dates for Marvel’s next five years:

Doctor Strange

In Theaters: 11.4.16

doctor-strange- marvel

Scott Derrickson (Sinister) is locked in to direct the script by Jon Spaihts (Prometheus), and Benedict Cumberbatch is rumoured to be all but confirmed to play the titular Doctor, the “sorcerer supreme” of the Marvel universe. We’ll see how the first foray into Marvel’s mystical side goes!

Guardians of the Galaxy 2

In Theaters: 5.5.17

guardians-of-the-galaxy- marvel

James Gunn is coming back to direct the sequel to 2014’s highest grossing movie to date. Also, thank the (star) lord, we get more Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel as Groot, and Bradley Cooper as Rocket.

Thor: Ragnarok

In Theaters: 7.28.17


Ragnorak was a storyline published in 2004 by Marvel Comics. Feige reportedly described Ragnorak as “The end of all things” at today’s Marvel event. So that means bad news for real-life-fake-God Chris Hemsworth and perhaps also his brother Loki, who we have missed dearly since The Dark World. Good news: Tom Hiddelston. Bad news: Armageddon?

Black Panther

In Theaters: 11.3.17


What We Know? Not much yet, other than Chadwick Boseman (who is apparently the biopic king, having played Jackie Robinson in 42 and James Brown in Get On Up) will be the Panther himself, otherwise known as T’Challa, leader of the fictional African nation, Wakanda.

Avengers: Infinity War Part 1

In Theaters: 5.4.18


Another one in the “not much” camp. But Marvel did flash an image of Thanos on the big screen when they announced the film today, which means all kinds of bad things for the hero squad – or at least what remains of them by 2018! We have to think this will be the beginning of the resolution of the Infinity Gems story arc (well, sub-arc) that’s been strung throughout all of the MCU movies thus far.

Image Source: marvel.com

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