5 Signs that you are in an all wrong Relationship

Relationships, nowadays, hardly last for days or months sometimes.. So. basically what people nowadays need is an expert advice.. They should know if they are actually with the right guy/girl or if it’s all a wrong relationship at all.

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So here are a few signs just to know if you are with the right person or not?

  1. YOUR OPINION DOESN’T MATTER: If that happens to be the case with your life partner, believe me, you are certainly with the wrong person. A relationship is something mutual. One of the two shouldn’t be kind of dominating all the times. If this is so… you need to end it soon enough because you surely wouldn’t be comfortable such a person for long enough.
  2. YOU ALWAYS COMPROMISE: Guys and girls… If you are the one always adjusting and compromising with your life partner…may be it’s time you let them know. Compromise is not something you surely got into this relationship for, surely.
  3. YOU FOLLOW, THEY LEAD: If this happens every now and then, trust me.. it’s not the way it should be like. Like I said, it’s all about equality. One of the two certainly can’t lead the other and make the other feel inferior and dejected.
  4. IF IT’S NEVER ENOUGH….: No matter whatever you do, if it doesn’t make them appreciate your efforts… You should really end it up if that’s the case.
  5. THE INTIMACY IS NOT THERE ANYMORE: If you and your partner have all of a sudden stopped getting into a physical relationship all of a sudden for no legitimate reason, maybe you should diagnose. In such cases, there really are the chances of cheating and affairs.

Hope this helps you get out of a wrong relationship if you’re into one and save you any further pain.

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