5 Reliance Jio Hazards Worth Maintainence

Launched by Mukesh Ambani on September 5th,2016, Reliance Jio SIM card was another move by the industrialist to tackle down his every single competitor in the market. JIO means “to be fully alive”.

In his speech, Ambani promised The world’s fastest 4G network. What’s even more surprising is that Jio avails free calling to its users. The only 2 requirements for buying a Jio sim are: a valid ID proof and a smartphone that supports 4G. However, getting the sim card in itself is like winning a battle and even the scene is something totally different from what the owner promised. Not that it doesn’t provide free calling, but it the way it does is pathetic.

Here are the five worst problems every Jio user is facing:

  1. Voice call drops: Not only do the users face problems in connecting the calls, also the call drops any moment for no sane reason. Also, you need to have your mobile data on just in order to call someone. For those who thought that this calling feature is free for lifetime, I must tell you that it’s free up to 31st December 2016. After that, you need to pay for the internet in order to make a voice call.
  2. Poor Internet Speed: Starting from 50 Mbps, it has fallen drastically to 6-7 Mbps. The users even hardly get this speed. Everyone complains about the 2G services being better than this.
  3. Jio Apps: In order to make calls or for the functioning of the internet, you need to install dozens of annoying apps which generally do no even function smoothly. Jio 4G voice app, which is the main voice calling app, also fails at times.
  4. Many phones are non VoLte: Jio sim is functional only in those phones which support VoLte. Otherwise, the sim is of no use to you.
  5. Battery Consuming Apps: Jio apps consume a lot of battery. You always need to make calls using the Jio 4G voice app which consumes a good deal of your phone’s battery.

Overall, Jio has disappointed its users to a large extent. It surely hasn’t provided what it promised to. The leverage was a good one, but, the poor services of the company have surely caused a magnitude of declination in the number of users of the same.

Featured image source: techfactslive

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