5 habits of insanely Charismatic people

Charismatic people can convey all kinds of emotional content, but what they do is they make you listen,” says Ruth Sherman, a Connecticut-based celebrity speech and media coach. “They’re interesting enough regardless of what they’re saying, so you perk up and listen.”

If you are not naturally charismatic, then go through the below pointers to develop the skills you need to become instantly likable and charming:

Show your funny side

Using puns in your conversation are of great help to get attention from the right people. Just make sure to not go too far, or else, it’ll make you look like a comedian. The fun stories can be small things that have happened in your everyday life, like perhaps a time you spilled coffee all over yourself on your first date.


Have an expressive face

According to Inc, “Our faces attract most of the eye contact given us by our listeners, and the more information they can read there, the more they pay attention and comprehend not only the ideas but the emotional meaning of our words as well.”


Use your hands while speaking

According to Forbes, Hand gesticulations make people seem more passionate, interested and are a clear sign of confidence – all important components of charisma.


Be an amazing listener

Nobody likes someone who just doesn’t shut up! To be more likable, always make sure to listen to others, keep an eye contact and give your insights only when required. Speaking up only when you have something fruitful to say, instantly attracts attention.


Be optimistic

Optimism is easily confused with being confident – and that is a good thing. Saying “we should do this” is much more powerful than “I think” or “maybe.” Get into the habit of owning your opinions and being confident in your decisions.

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