5 Bollywood’s Most Underrated Movies which deserved good response

#1 Tamasha (2015): When the first trailer of ‘Tamasha’ was out, it gave an impression of being a light-hearted romantic-drama and so did all the subsequent songs that came out whereas when the movie was released, it turned out to be something completely different – it dealt with relationships on a deeper and intellectual level. The initial weekend audience, who went in with a certain kind of expectation were eventually disappointed and bad-mouthed the movie which perpetrated thick and fast and thus had a direct impact on the business of the film.


#2 Talaash (2012): An Aamir Khan film comes in with a plethora of expectations but in the case of ‘Talaash’, it backfired. ‘Talaash’ starts off as one of those regular thrillers we often see but when the central theme transpires to something supernatural, our audience couldn’t digest it. As has been the fate of supernatural films in our country, ‘Talaash’ was deemed to be mediocre for its attempt whereas it was exactly what made the film stand out.


#3 Dhobi Ghat (2011): Directed by Kiran Rao, ‘Dhobi Ghat’ is rarely talked about anywhere. It’s one completely forgotten film and it is so because of the impression it created for itself in the first place. During the time of its release, the director along with her husband-Aamir Khan claimed it to be an art film thereby restraining or perhaps creating doubts within the movie-going audience which was eventually the main reason why the movie tanked.


#4 Kurbaan (2009): ‘Kurbaan’ is one of those few films which suffered mainly because of the presence of a then highly popular lead pair. A renowned lead pair in our country is not expected to make an out and out serious film, let alone a terror-based crime drama. ‘Kurbaan’ was devoid of the expected ‘masala’ as it focused far more on its story than brandishing its lead pair. Although a great film, it incurred huge losses.


#5 Luck By Chance (2009): The debut film of director Zoya Akhtar, ‘Luck By Chance’ mostly suffers on account of the absence of a film star. A film dealing with subtle nuances of a relationship, ‘Luck By Chance’ failed the audience who watched it as they found it devoid of entertainment, entertainment which it never promised in the first place!

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