5 Most Annoying Habits of Indian Husbands

Just as men find certain habits of their wives to be annoying and irritating, same goes the other way around as well! Let us reveal to you five such annoying habits that women find it hard to tolerate in their husbands, as mentioned by a Quora user.

Indian Husbands

Read on to know if you are used to doing any of these if you are a married man:

#1 After lazing around on the bed till 10–11 am or a little earlier on a working day, just getting out of bed, sauntering to the kitchen and coolly demanding, “What’s for breakfast?” Every. Single. Friggin. Day. (Care to move your lazy fat hairy ass like a responsible adult?)

#2 Stuffing his face shamelessly with yummy food the wife made, yet stopping to comment, “Hmm, but my mom makes it that way. And that’s so tasty…” (Oh, then why don’t you go live with her instead of hanging around my neck like a dead albatross. )

#3 When both of you are rushing to work in the morning, “Where is my shirt? Where is that pair of socks? Where is my wallet? Find my belt now! Why can’t you keep anything in its place?” (Because you can’t even do the laundry leave alone find something right in front of your eyes. Now look under that pile of junk YOU put in your cupboard and you’d find your stuff exactly there.)

#4 You really want a dress you had been desperately craving for, off a 50% sale for about 1000 Rs. He chides you, “You women are always shopping and never satisfied with the amount of clothes you have. What a waste of money!” You give up the idea with some sadness. And much later, he walks in with the latest gaming console, priced more than five times your dress. The console will soon be found gathering dust in the attic. And no, talking about it to him will raise satan from hell.

#5 When his parents are over here, you’re expected to wait on them hand on foot, never once question whether they’re coming for lunch or dinner because it is your absolute duty to keep food ready, hot and waiting at all godforsaken times. Dare you talk about it, “What now? They are my parents. Can’t you even respect them?” When your parents turn up for a day, he slinks into the TV/computer or phone, pretends all busy and later surreptitiously whispers to youWhen are they leaving????

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