Why having a younger sister is so Awesome?

Having a younger sister is a blessing!

I have compiled a list a reasons why having a younger sister is so much fun 😀  who-needs-a-therapist-i-have-a-sister

  1. A younger sister is the best adviser; doesn’t matter it’s an advice related to relationships, work, studies, dressing sense etc, she is always ready with a lot of free, helpful advises on any matter.
  2. She could be your best friend for life. Friends may come or go, but a younger sister stays forever. This is true since, she would be there for you in happy as well as sad times, and support you always.
  3. You and your younger sister have some secrets or insider jokes, about which no body else knows. And when there’s any discussion in relation to these topics by others, there’s a wierd smile exchanged between you two 😉
  4. A younger sister is adorable and no doubt, all of your friends admire her!!!
  5. She is over protective (motherly, sometimes). She judges your friends and boyfriend/girlfriend. No matter what, you always look forward for her approval of your folks.
  6. You can be completely stupid in front of her; she would never judge you. Instead, she will join you at the time when you are doing some weird dance step or singing a song in super bad voice.
  7. She is your best listener. There may be times, when even parents are not ready for your explanations, but a younger sister consoles you & listens to you, and finally, talks to your parents on your behalf.
  8. She makes you feel responsible. It might drive her crazy but in her heart, she loves it when you take her responsibility and make sure she is always happy and smiling.
  9. She knows it when you are lying. So, never try to lie to her because ultimately, she will find out the truth. A younger sister is the part of your soul, from which you can’t hide anything.
  10. She is the only person with whom you can have a huge fight, but still in your heart, you know she’d be there by your side at the end of the day.
  11. She’ll be an awesome chilled-out aunt to your kids, with whom you can fearlessly leave your kids to have bad-ass fun. Also, at the same time, she will make sure your kids are not breaking any rules.
  12. She is your follower. She follows whatever you do, doesn’t matter it’s super cool or super weird, she’ll always be your #1 fan.
  13. She is your strength because she compels you to be independent as she is the one who is dependent upon you.
  14. She is your personal photographer too. She will make sure she takes a perfect click of yours, and will continue to click pictures until she gets one.
  15. A younger sister is so cute, that she’ll not leave any opportunity to brag even about your minor achievements in front of as many people as possible.
Well, i can go on and on…because i also have a small brat in my house, without whom i can’t even imagine what would i do.
i conclude by saying that Sisters are our soul mates!!! :*

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