8 Witty tweets that only Sehwag could have pulled off! 

We all know Virender Sehwag has always been known as one of the most destructive batsman in the world. But do you also know that he hasn’t stopped hitting the ball out of the ground when it comes to Twitter?


Yes, you heard it right. Sehwag is one witty tweet master and some of his tweets are absolute master strokes.

This one’s the most recent on Ashwin’s outstanding performance. Hitting it right on point, isn’t he?

Did you really think he was going to miss out on the Surgical Strikes? Nah!

When India’s top Women’s Badminton player, won the Australian Open championship, she received accolades from all quarters. Sehwag’s way of appreciating her, though, was perhaps the most unique.

Addressing the WiFi issue and hitting just the right chords!

And he didn’t miss out on Kevin’s birthday! 

We knew this was coming. Haha! #SerenaWilliams

Wait, National Helicopter Day? Who could’ve thought about that?!

And this one is our Personal Favorite. He really takes it to the next level when it comes to the Pakistan Cricket team!

Way to go Sehwag! Keep em tweets rocking!

Image sources: Sportskeeda, Twitter

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